The Sword of Bedwyr

Young Luthien Bedwyr is too privileged to understand that his once-proud land, Eriador, suffers under the demonic oppression of Wizard-King Grensparrow. Until the day Luthien seeks justice for a friend's murder- only to become a fugitive fleeing the king's monstrous cyclopian soldiers. Befriended by the irrepressible "highwayhalfling" Oliver deBurrows, and enlisted by an ancient, mysterious mage, Luthien's exile will become an enchanted quest to steal a mystic prize from a dragon's hoard.

Suddenly, Eriador's enslaved humans, elves, and dwarfs begin to rally around rumored tales of a freedom fighter who strikes Greensparrow's foul minions... an unknown hero who wields a legendary sword and magic cape... a warruior who is invisible but who casts... The Crimson Shadow.

Other Notes:

Copyright 1995 by R.A. Salvatore. Published in the United States by Warner Books.

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