Praise for David Gemmell

General praise

"Gemmell's great reading; the action never lets up; he's several rungs above the good--right into the fabulous!" --Anne McCaffrey

"David Gemmell tells a tale of very real adventure, the stuff of true epic fantasy." --R.A. Salvatore

"[Gemmell's] books strike me as heroic fantasy in the truest sense...The settings are convincing, with the level of detail you'd find in a historical novel. The stories have a realistic feel and present the more mundane facts upon which idealized legends are later built. This reader will be looking for the next one." --Julie Dean Smith

"There isn't a British writer in this area [fantasy] who can hold a candle to his knack for plot-weaving, narrative impetus, and the ability to meld wizardry and high adventure so seamlessly." --Fantasy Bookshelf

In the Realm of the Wolf

"Set aside an otherwise free afternoon before you read [In the Realm of the Wolf], because once you start, you will not want to stop." --Starburst


"Legend is a damned good book. David Gemmell is a delicious writer--a master of fantasy with an edge; the rogue who's driven to heroism. One of the best pure reads in many a day." --Allan Cole and Chris Bunch

"Legend is a rousing tale, all primary colors: think of Robert E. Howard meeting David Eddings. If you like headlong adventure, this one's for you." --Harry Turtledove

Knights of Dark Renown

"A sharp distinctive medieval fantasy. Dramatic, colorful, taut." --Locus


"It is with some reason that he is called Britain's king of heroic fantasy. Here...he looks at the nature of legend--how a man who is basically self-centered and unfeeling becomes the inspiration for a nation in the grip of evil...The setting is half-familiar: a place much like the Scottish Highlands at a time like the Middle Ages...It is a fine piece of writing." --Tim Lenton, Eastern Daily Press, England

"It seems that every time I read a new David Gemmell novel it is better than the last--and Morningstar is no exception...The main difference between the book and the myths it draws upon is that Gemmell includes some of the less savory characters who we suspect may have been at the basis of both Robin and Arthur." --Starburst

Lion of Macedon and Dark Prince

"Nobody writes better fantasy than David Gemmell...A totally engrossing novel...It's an enduring and compulsive epic." --Starburst

"Gemmell works the reader's emotions adroitly...The novel has the potential to be quite popular as a dramatic historical, with fantasy elements...It's a satisfying, often exciting fantasy that will thrill many readers..." --Locus

"The enjoyable historical fantasy set in ancient Greece spans three decades in the career of Parmenion, a Spartan of mixed ancestry whose life is being shaped and monitored by an aging seeress...Particularly enchanting is the appearance of Aristotle as a wizard and guide through the underworld..." --Publisher's Weekly

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