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The Angostin hordes raged over the Southern Borders. Evil sorcery ruled, and the vampyre kings lived once more. The Highland people were in much need of a great hero.

Jarek Mace needed nothing and no one- not even that bard Owen Odell, with whom he now traveled. But when Mace harassed the Angostins for his own purposes, he inadvertantly aided the Highland people. And now he was being hailed as a hero, a legend, the great Morningstar returned.

But Owen Odell knew the real man behind the people's tales. Mace was an outlaw, a bandit, a heartless thief. He was no savior of the people. He was no legend. Or was he?

Other Notes:

Copyright 1992 by David A. Gemmell. Published in the United States by Ballantine Books, a division of Random House. First Published in Great Britain by Random Century Group. Cover price: $5.50

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