Last Sword of Power

Left cover-U.S. / Right cover-U.K.

The Goths followed a bloodthirsty new leader, one who sought to open the Gates of Hell; Wotan. His immortal power stemmed from human sacrifice and dark sorcery, and no sword could touch him. He rode the winds on a leather-winged steed, while his armys cut a deadly swath across the northern kingdoms. Even death's icy hand could not stop them.

Only Uther Pendragon could save Britannia. To do so he must weild his birthright- Cunobelin's blade, the legendary Sword of Power.

But Uther was chained in Hell, the sword lost in swirling Chaos. All hope lay with the warrior known as Revelation, with the magic of the Sipstrassi Stones, and with Anduine, a blind girl possessed of arcane powers. Only if these unlikely allies united could they hope to stop the invincible foe before the world plunged into darkness.

Other Notes:

Copyright 1988 by David A. Gemmell. Published in the United States by Ballantine books, a division of Random House. Originally Published in Great Britian in 1988. Cover Price; $5.99

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