The King Beyond the Gate

Left cover-U.S. / Right cover-U.K.

1st print U.K. cover art

Times had changed.

Once the mighty fortrestood strong, defended by the mightiest of all Drenai heroes, Druss, the Legend.

But now a tyrannical, mad emperor had seized control of the fortress. And his twisted will was carried throughout the land by his creatures, the Joinings- abominations that were half man, half beast.

Descended from a long-ago political inter-marriage between enemies, Tenaka Khan was a half-breed himself. He was an outsider, hated by the Drenai for his Nadir blood, and despised by the Nadir for his Drenai ancestry. But he alone had a plan to destroy the emperor.

A handful of heroes joined together with Tenaka Khan to carry through his bold plan. But to trust him would also mean that the Drenai must trust their greatest enemy...

Other notes:

The King Beyond the Gate , Copyright by David A. Gemmell, 1985

First published in Great Britian by Century, in 1985. U.S. edition first published in 1995, by Ballantine Books. price:$5.99

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