Echoes of the Great Song

U.K. cover art

They were immortal, and lived like kings- even though their empire was dying. Conceited and selfish, the Avatars ruled the fallen world through magic and arcane science.

But then two moons appeared in the sky, and a terrible enemy breached the gateway between the worlds.

The blood-hungry armies of the Crystal Queen swarmed across the land, bringing devestation and terror and leaving in their wake a mountain of sacrificed dead.

As the cities faced imminent destruction, three heroes set out to destroy the enemy. Talaban, a warrior haunted by tragedy, Touchstone, the mystic tribesman seeking his lost love, and Anu, the Holy One, the Builder of Time.

And when all seemed lost, two others entered the fray. Sofarita, the peasant girl who would inspire a legend, and the madman Viruk, who would become a god.

Other Notes:

Copyright 1997 by David A. Gemmell. Published in Great Britain by Bantam Press, a division of Transworld Publishers. Hardback cover price: 15.99 pounds.

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