The First Chronicles of

Druss the Legend

U.S. cover art / U.K. cover art

Druss. The Legend. Saviour of Skeln Pass. Protector of Dros Delnoch. The most famous- and dreaded- of Drenai's heroes.

But before all men knew Druss he was a young husband, hewing trees instead of men- most of the time- and held in check by his beloved wife, Rowena. When she is stolen by slavers Druss becomes a killing machine intent on only one thing: Rowena's return.

Other notes:

The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend , Copyright by David A Gemell, 1994

First published as harcover by Legend Books (U.K.) in 1993. Paperback published by Legend Books in 1994. Currently available only in the U.K. price: 5.99 pounds.

Soon to be published in the U.S. in November 1998!

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