Below are the titles of books by British Author David Gemmell. Click on any of the titles to view the synopsis, and some of the wonderful cover art.

Last updated: January 2, 2000

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Drenai Saga


Waylander II - In the Realm of the Wolf

Waylander III - A Hero in the Shadows

Druss the Legend

The Legend of Deathwalker

Legend..../....Against the Horde

The King Beyond the Gate

Quest for Lost Heroes

Winter Warriors

Legends of the Drenai

The Stones of Power Books

Ghost King

Last Sword of Power

Wolf in Shadow .../...The Jerusalem Man

The Last Guardian


The Hawk Queen Books

Ironhand's Daughter

The Hawk Eternal

The Greek Books

Lion of Macedon

Dark Prince

The Rigante Series

Sword in the Storm

A Falcon at Midnight

Other Books

Knights of Dark Renown


Dark Moon

Echoes of the Great Song

Hard to find Books

Drenai Tales

Complete Chronicles of the Jerusalem Man

White Knight, Black Swan

Upcoming Books


About David Gemmell

Praise for David Gemmell

Del Rey Interview with David Gemmell

David Gemmell's views on Shannow

Info on obtaining U.K. books:

If you are interested in finding any of the overseas books that are listed here, there are a few different ways you can go about it. You can;

1. It is possible to special order some of these titles through large bookstores. I was able to get a couple through A local 'Borders' book store. It usually takes around 2-6 weeks, and is fairly expensive. The last hardback I ordered this way, cost me 42$.

2.You can also do the same through some specialty, or collectible stores. For instance, I ordered a couple through a large comic-book- collectible store that also carried many books. It was around the same price, but took a little longer.

3.The next way is the fastest, but also the most expensive. You need a credit card, and a phone. Call your local information number, and get the number for information somewhere overseas, in the U.K.- (I asked for London). Then ask for the name of a bookstore- (I used 'Dillons'; it was the largest and most popular). Then call the store itself, and they will take your order with your credit card, and ship it direct to you. The only thing is that they ship all of their stuff first class, and it costs quite a bit.

I hope I have been of some help to the other die-hard Gemmell fans like myself.

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