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Druss, Captain of the Axe, was the stuff of legends- tales of the mighty warrior were told throughout the land. But even as the stories grew in the telling, Druss himself grew older. He turned his back on glory to retreat to a mountain lair, high in a lonely country. There the grizzled old warrior kept company with snow leopards. There he awaited his old enemy, death.

Far below, barbarian hordes were on the march. All that stood between them and the Drenai people was a mighty six-walled fortress that had never been conquered. But now it was held by the weak, the corrupt, and the demoralized. The great citadel was destined to fall. The battle was hopeless.

Druss reluctantly agreed to come out of retirement, to lead this last, hopeless fight. Down from his mountaintop he would come, and he would fight to the death. Lost causes meant nothing to him- he'd fought in battles hailed as lost causes a thousand times in a thousand lands...

And could not such a hero as Druss inspire a new generation of legends...?

graphic novel-published in the U.K.

Other notes:

Legend , Copyright by David A.Gemmell, 1986

Published by Ballantine books in 1994. Originally published in Great Britain by Century Hutchinson in 1984.

Paperback edition currently available in the U.S., price: $5.99

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