The Hawk Eternal

U.K. cover art

While the warlike and heartless Aenir ravage the territory outside the mountain fastness of the clans, Sigarni, the Hawk Queen, arrives in this alternate version of her own universe through a gate in space and time. Taliesen, last of the gatekeepers, has no idea why she has arrived but knows that heroes are needed...

Only Caswallon, loner, warrior and thief, realises the true extent of the danger and the horrors that his people are to face. As Taliesen tries to discover Sigarni's purpose, Caswallon must unite the clans to overcome their greatest peril.

Other Notes:

Copyright 1995 by David A. Gemmell. Published in 1996 in Great Britain by Legend Books, a division of Random House. Cover price: 5.99 pounds

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