Echoes of the Fourth Magic

When a U.S. submarine set out from Miami and was drawn off course by the murderou7s magic of the Devil's Triangle, Officer Jeff DelGiudice survived the terrifying plunge through the realms. But his good fortune had a shocking consequence. He found himself stranded in a strange world awaiting its redeemer.

Here four survivors ruled the corner of the once great Earth with the ways of white magig... until one of them tasted the ecstacy of evil. Thalasi, Warlock of Darkness, had amassed an army to let loose death and chaos, and only the hero promised in the guardians' legends can defeat such power. Now Jeff must face his destiny- in a dangerous, wondrous quest to lead humankind's children back to the realms of light.

Other Notes:

Copyright1990 by R. A. Salvatore. First published in 1990 by ROC books, a division of Penguin Books. Re-published in 1998.

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